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Shipping Estimates for Australia and Europe

For Pina Zangaro drop-shipping to select locations, please refer to the July 2010 guidelines below. Contact paperhaus for a more precise estimate.

Package sizing and products

  • Package I is a 14x13x5-inch carton for 11x8.5, 8.5x11 LS, A4, A4 LS Presentation Books or Boxes
  • Package II is a 18x15x5-inch carton size for 14x11, 11x14 LS, 12.5x9.5 Presentation Books or Boxes
  • Package III is a 22x16x5-inch carton for 11x17 LS, 17x11, A3, A3 LS Presentation Books or Boxes


  • Package I: $50
  • Package II: $60
  • Package III: $70

England, France, Germany, Ireland and Italy

  • Package I: $40
  • Package II: $45
  • Package III: $50

Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden

  • Package I: $55
  • Package II: $65
  • Package III: $70

Pina Zangaro Shipping Considerations

  1. All prices listed $US and do not include duties and taxes, which are collected at the destination.
  2. Prices valid for up to 2 Presentation Books with up to 4 packs of inserts or 1 Presentation Book with up to 8 packs of inserts.
  3. Maximum weight per box: 7 lbs
  4. All shipments are sent via UPS Expedited and will arrive at destination within 3-5 business days.
  5. Call or email us for freight quotes for shipments containing more than 2 Presentation Books or shipping to a destination not listed here.
  6. For the purposes of determining shipping charges, Camden and Olema boxes are essentially the same weight and size as Presentation Books of the corresponding format.

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