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Pina Zangaro refills

Executive Summary All refills are great for portfolios. For binders, use the Adhesive Hinge Strips, Polyester Sheets and Polypropylene Express Sheets but not the Scored Inkjet Paper, Polypropylene Sheets or Flex-Hinge Polyester Sheets. Specific notes below detail appropriate binder usage.

Adhesive Hinge Strips The 71802 (11") and 71801 (8.5") hinge strips are perfect for use in all brands of binders.

Polyester Sheets The 81822 (8.5x11 portrait), 81834 (8.5x11 landscape), and 81820 (11x17 landscape) polyester sheets are three-hole punched and perfect for use in all brands of binders. Note that this glossy polyester sheet with its thick liner sheet is an ideal art-grade sheet compared to office binder refill sheets available at the large box stores.

Polypropylene Express Sheets The 81860 (8.5x11 portrait), 81863 (8.5x11 landscape) and 81862 (11x17 landscape) sheets are perfect for use in all brands of binders.

Scored Inkjet Sheets These sheets will work but the formats are a bit large for some binders. Plus, the fact that they are scored is of no use in binders.

Polypropylene Sheets These sheets are not appropriate for binders. They are too wide and stick out the side and they may interfere with the ring boosters/tabs.

Flex-Hinge Polyester Sheets These sheets are not designed for use in binders. They are too wide, they interfere with the boosters, and the hinge serves no purpose in a binder.

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