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No worries! We are only here to provide you with retail service and products to meet your needs and desires. We are not collecting your information for anything other than to complete and/or communicate with you regarding an order you have placed. As many of you know, we have not collected, retained or sold our customer information. We merely strive to be faster with processing our returning customers' orders thanks to better online account management, more of which is under your control. And we now have password retrieval like it's 2008! And state of the art security like it's, uh, tomorrow! We'll do our darndest to stay on top of everything possibly affecting our website.

There is a newsletter feature, which we may or may not use at some point. Should you want to avoid receiving any such thing at all costs, you may unsubscribe now. Or not. Because, really, who knows what we'll do with that feature if and when we get to it? Retail pr0n, baby!

Oh, and spam, spam is a food. We like to leave it in the dark, shiny blue can unserved, and ready for the coming Apocalypse in December. December, right? No. No? What's that? Well, whenever.

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