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Conditions of Use

Lawyers We are a retail store in Seattle with a website, not a law firm. We're concerned with providing good customer service and a well-designed product to fit your needs and desires. Go ahead about your business. Ignore the non-existent small type in all-caps just as many already do. And use our site to your best advantage. Once we learn all the features of our new website, we can let you know how best to do that, too!

So, please, share the information you've learned here with others -- show it around the airport, the coffee shop, the office, wherever! -- we're not here to restrict your use of the site or monitor your usage for some sort of gain. Bloggers, customers, retail site reviewers, shoppers, et cetera, please feel free to use our images on your site. We kindly ask for a link back to us, thanks. However, if say you are in the retail business, all we ask of you is to not copy the content, especially images under our or our manufacturers' copyright, and use it to set up your own shop. We will find you. Bwa-hah-ha-haaa-hah! :)

If you have legal-sized portfolio or storage container document needs for 8.5x14 papers and the like, let us know. Perhaps, in the future, we will find someone who lends an eye toward product design toward your industry and fits our customer base. Until then, and if you are an attorney, really, what should we have on this page?!

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