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Browser Compatibility

Site Upgrades

Due to the need for multiple areas in need of security improvements, it was decided to upgrade the web server, the ecommerce package and its payment system, and some outdated features all at once and without delay. Which is why the site no longer looks like it once did but it soon will. Somewhat.

Attention users of Internet Explorer

If you are having trouble accessing pages within the site or those pages cause your browser to crash, there are two workarounds:
  1. Try browsing the site with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera.
  2. Contact us and we'll gladly answer your questions and/or help place your orders.
For those curious, the best that can be determined why this problem exists is due to the use of Internet Explorer in public and corporate environments. Automated installations, like Public Web Browser or those others that share resources, tend to lock down the well-traveled security holes of Internet Explorer. Because IE relies upon these channels to function fully, crashes and/or incomplete web pages are a common occurrence when trying to load sites heavy on the scripting, which is the case for paperhaus.com. This is an unfortunate situation, one that is on our to-do list, but also one that is easily remedied now with a new browser or a phone call or email.
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