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Branding - Lost Luggage



  • Lost Luggage's laser etching process produces incredibly detailed results by using a computer guided laser to remove a thin layer from the surface of select materials. Because this process does not use inks or dies, etched images are created from revealing the inner layer of the material and through roughening the texture of the surface.
  • For orders of 1-49 items, there is a $125 set up fee for Laser Etching services and $375 for Silk Screening services. All setup fees are waived for orders of 50 or more items using the same artwork.
  • If you have any questions, please use the contact form or email info@paperhaus.com.

Ordering instructions

Paperhaus will work closely with you to complete your order, however, Lost Luggage may need to contact you directly if there are technical and/or production issues with your artwork or if there exist timely matters regarding your order. If your order includes branding of multiple products made by one or more other manufacturers, please be sure to see the submission guidelines of each manufacturer.

  1. Email lostluggage@paperhaus.com with:
    • your name, phone number, and email address,
    • your Paperhaus order number,
    • the item number of the product(s),
    • the quantity of the product(s) to be branded,
    • the type and position of branding to be done on the product(s), and
    • your attached artwork files (see guidelines below).
  2. Your artwork and order will automatically be forwarded to Case Envy via Paperhaus.
  3. Upon receipt of your email, Case Envy will confirm your order via a lost-luggage.com email address. Contact Paperhaus if you have not received confirmation within one business day.

If you are having difficulty emailing your files because the file(s) may be too large for your mail server to handle, visit yousendit.com. YouSendIt allows you to send any file up to 100MB in size. For best results, (Mac OS X users should) use Mozilla Firefox.

Artwork submission guidelines

Laser etching

All artwork submitted for Laser Etching must meet the following criteria:

  1. Only flattened EPS files and TIFFs are accepted.
    • An EPS is a vector based drawing that can be created in programs such as Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw or Inkscape. llustrator users: please save EPS files of your logo as an Illustrator version 8 or lower.
    • A TIFF is a rasterized image (aka bitmap) that can be created in programs such as Photoshop, CorelPaint, Paintshop Pro, or Gimp. TIFFs must be created at a minimum resolution of 600 DPI at 100%.
  2. All type must be converted to outlines.
  3. Artwork must be sized at 100% in the exact size to be etched, so be sure to set your application's preferences and/or your document up properly before saving.
  4. Orientation and exact positioning of artwork on product must be indicated. For example: bottom of logo to be positioned ___inch(es) from bottom edge and ___inch(es) from right edge panel or centered left to right and/or centered top to bottom.
  5. Artwork must be set to 100% black. Only black will be engraved.
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